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Welcome to the message board for Samuel Adams Light. Enter any comments, experiences or opinions you wish about the beer.
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3/28/2003 10:42:41 AM  Mike    I regularly drink the Boston Lager - it's quality stuff. When I tried this much advertised beer, I did not scream in suprise and cause someone to flick a dart in some other dude's ass like in the commercial. This beer is Coors Light in a different bottle - water with a twist of beer taste.  
4/11/2003 10:52:56 AM  Steve  Remember me from the "Brown" project in NJ last fa  I've been trying different American-made beers since Canada wouldn't back us up in the war. Usually I drink Labatt's Blue, which granted isn't a particularly heavy brew, but one night I pounded a few Sam Adams Lights and found it to be pretty good for a light beer. 
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