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These are some of the beers recently reviewed by the BrewPalace staff along with their official rating.
New Holland Dragon's Milk Barrel Aged Stout Stout 5
Bear Republic Racer X Double IPA Ale 4
Kasteel (Castle) Bacchus Flemish Old Brown Belgian Ale 2.5
Stone Zuper Magik W00tstout Stout 4.5
Saint Archer Tusk and Grain Coconut Stout Stout 3
Kloster Andechs Vollbier Hell Lager 3
Zywiec Zyweic Beer Lager 3
The Beer of the Month for
Finally, I found a 5 star German beer. Vitus from Weihenstephan is a powerful and amazing Weizenbock. I've had quite a few 4.5 star beers over the years, but never a full on 5 star. Weizenbocks are right up my alley though. Lots of flavor. Popwerful, strong alcohol. Give it a try.

BrewPalace Updates:
January 2, 2017
2016 ended as another solid year for Brewpalace, totaling 130 bottles. A slow first half of the year had me worried there for a while, but in the end I was just able to meet the 120 yearly target just before Christmas. 2016 saw a few key trends, none of them any good:
  • Fruit beer - everyone and there brother is ruining good beers by making fruit varieties of them. The Stone Brewing festival was almost 33% fruit beers. Hipsters, please stop this.
  • Coffee beer - after decades of being a relatively unknown entity in beer, it is showing up in all sorts of bad places. Coffee fits ok with a stout or porter, but thats about it. Stay out of my IPAs please
  • Sour beers - for some reason the Sour styles from Belgium are becoming popular. #NotAFan
  • Big breweries buying craft brewers. This is disturbing, but ultimately inevitable. Just pray your favorite local brewery isn't bought by ABInBev, SABMillerCoors of Model. Here in San Diego, we lost two this year - Ballast Point and Saint Archer.
We have passed Peak Beer unfortunately.

January 10, 2015
So after 13 years a big change for the Tech stack behind Brewpalace. I just finished porting everything over to Amazon Web Services. Yes, The Cloud that you always hear about. I'm going to try and see how this works for a while - its a one year free trial on a pretty small machine. But I am tired of running it at home with all of my non-stop technical difficulties (power, internet, wires coming unplugged, constant Windows reboots, VMs being a pain in the butt).

August 5, 2014
This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Beer Bottle Collection (not of though - that came later). It all began with a business trip to Antwerp, Belgium in April of 1994. That's when I began to learn and appreciate Belgian beer. On my return trip in August, I came prepared with a huge suitcase. After stuffing a few dozen bottles in it for the return trip, each bottle I finished at home went up on the kitchen cabinets to show them off. Remember, Belgian beer was pretty much unknown in the US back then, so these were pretty exotic. The rest is history.

August 21, 2013 has been down for a few weeks but looks like I have most of it up and running now. Had some hardware problems and had to re-install the OS a few times. After that I was dreading getting IIS working again, but turned out to be easier than I recall for some reason. Anyway, still have to get the reporting feature working and the database refresh too. Better hurry as I've had some good beers of late.

February 2, 2013
I've always found it interesting over the years - a long running battle between Rogue and Sam Adams for who has the most bottles. Since probably the late 90's they have been neck and neck. As it stands now, it's still neck and neck - Sam Adams at 54 and Rogue at 53. Rogue could be tied, but there is no way I'm trying their Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale.

Recent Visitor Beer Comments
These are the most recent comments visitors have made regarding beers.
McEwans  India Pale Ale Hello, can you please tell me where I can buy Mcewans India Pale Ale? I live in Indiana. Thank you, Matt Reply
Plank Road  Red Dog I went to my favorite drive thru today to get my RED DOG...I bought the last 12 pack and I was told that you are not making RED DOG in bottles any more.....MY GOD....that's sacrolidge { speling...LOL }...why would you do that bottles are the only way to drink beer......lord have mercy people....don't do that to us....PLEASE !!!!!!! Reply
Schoenling  Little Kings Cream Ale what was the saying written on the back side of the little kings label in the 80's. it had to be read thru the bottle. Reply
Carlton  Crown Lager By far my favorite epiosde haha I love the reactions .this beer is absolutely nothing definite party beer..just something to chug down all night to get a nice buzz Reply
Dortmunder  Union Dark Beer I started drinking Dortmunder Union Dark Beer in the late 1970s near Washington DC. I found it to be rich in flavor and I love it with food. Best of all, it gives me a BUZZ like no other beer. THE HAPPIEST BEER I'VE EVER HAD! I LOVE IT! Reply
Anheuser Busch  Christmas Beer 1995 What is a six pack of christmas brew limited edition 1995 worth  Reply
Carlton  Victoria Bitter good! Reply


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