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Dinkel Acker

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Company: Dinkel Acker
Brand: Dark
Type: Lager
Style: Dark
Rating 3
Alcohol %: Unknown
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Latest Sample Date: 2/6/2000
Appearance: Dark brown.
Tasting Impressions:
Sweet. Very malty. Quite smooth. Can taste the lager portion and tge malt. Slight bite. Very drinkable. Malty smoothness.

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12/29/2008 3:48:16 PM  Al Stearn  NY  The last time I had D A Dark was at least 20 years ago. I'v had the "US" version draft, the actual German draft, and the bottled in tha time frame. I recently picked up a 12ver at a local brew store to relive the old days. Alas, it was not o be........for starters the beer has lost its "body" over the years and seems very watery as compared to my memories of it back when. It even pours and heads differently. The real head scratcher was that the label had "malt liquor" stamped in its margin. Isn't this stuff supposed to be BEER...........I won't buy it again!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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