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Anheuser Busch

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Natural Light

Company: Anheuser Busch
Brand: Natural Light
Type: Lager
Style: Light
Rating 2
Alcohol %: 4.2%
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Latest Sample Date: 5/14/2001
Appearance: Light golden, clear, bubbly
Tasting Impressions:
Watery and thin. Ricey. Very weak. No real flavor to speak of. Basically hop water. It doesn't taste bad like some other lights, it just doesn't have any flavor.

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5/3/2004 4:57:29 PM  WestwoodDave  Westwood  Ahhhhhhhh! Natty light... Where do I start? Well, this beer is definately one of my all time favorites. Usually on my birthday, Todd buys me a 12ver of it. I love natty and honestly I don't know why. It's like crack for me, once I drink 1, I just slug the 12 pack.  
5/3/2004 4:58:55 PM  WW Dave  W Wood  by the way, I gave natty a 5.0 and again, I have no idea why! 
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